DocSend Board Management Software

In modern conditions, many companies move their activities into the online format. Thus, the software for organizing the activities of collegial bodies has become one of the important criteria for efficient management. This article is an overview of the DocSend board portal.

Board portal: how to organize corporate management online?

In the digital age, the world of work is constantly changing. Digitization is breaking up classic work concepts and opening up new possibilities that offer more flexibility and freedom for employers and collegial bodies.

Board software was developed to provide secure and productive board collaboration. It is a single information space for a company. Owing to the possibilities of integrating various information systems among themselves, it is possible to promptly search for the necessary information on heterogeneous resources and to support the collective work of employees. It is a large and multi-level network with a large amount of information and functions that allow you to optimize the work of a company through the automation of business processes, streamlining of information flows, and standardization of input and output data of departments. For the stable operation of such highly loaded systems, it is necessary to choose serious platforms that were created based on the needs of medium and large businesses.

How does DocSend board software work?

DocSend makes business communication more effective and practical by providing analysis, feedback, and control on the documents. The software allows companies to easily share business-critical documents and receive actionable feedback in real-time.

Hundreds of companies use DocSend for different purposes, from sales and marketing to fundraising. DocSend takes the current method of sending documents and transforms them into a new and intelligent way of communication. Thanks to software security standards and control options, start-up founders, investors, executives, and business development professionals can forge sustainable business partnerships.

The DocSend business solution meets the following needs of board meetings:

  • storing in the system the parameters of meetings of collegial bodies, on the basis of which the distribution of access is carried out, the calculation of templates for printed forms, the type of document for the protocol, places of registration, as well as the differentiation of in-person and correspondence meetings;
  • ensuring the full cycle of the process (starting from the creation of issues, the formation of an agenda, to the formation of a protocol, the issuance of instructions for decisions);
  • automation of the process of preparing materials for meetings of collegial bodies, including directly by the speakers, and sending the finished materials to the secretary to include the issue on the agenda;
  • notification of meeting participants: both internal and external about the meeting with the distribution of materials to it: in the system, by e-mail, as well as through the scheduling services;
  • transfer of meeting materials to mobile workstations;
  • the ability to vote on agenda items both in the system client and on the MRM;
  • ensuring control over the execution of decisions of collegial bodies;
  • ensuring work with extracts from the minutes.

DocSend in the corporate environment system

The adaptability of DocSend to the corporate environment is defined by the following points:

  • convenient display of the latest news and company events;
  • detailed information about members of collegial management bodies, company employees and correspondence with them;
  • convenient access to basic and current regulatory documents about the company and the collegial management body;
  • history of all events in the system;
  • track all comments of selected users or on selected meetings, issues, decisions, and assignments;
  • an easy, affordable and secure way to send confidential private messages that cannot be forwarded outside the system.